Month: October 2011


Our sweet clients, Chris & CC were the original inspiration for our popular “vintage postcard” save the date design. It took several rounds of design to “perfect” the look we were going for…but we finally did & the finished product was featured in Since then, it has become our most popular design by far!… Read more »

Red Envelopes and Calendars!! Falalalalala!!!

CHECK THEM OUT!! 2011 Holiday Cards & 2012 Desk Calendars! The red envelopes are here! We had such a fun time creating this year’s holiday card line. There is definitely something for everybody in the designs and color schemes. Starting at just $1.50 for each set, they are budget friendly, too! Choose a card, choose… Read more »

A hand drawn map for TIDE

I just had to do a mini blog post on this hand drawn map we recently did. It was for a commercial event for TIDE. I just LOVE the lil detergent box.. and the mini washing machine! They used this map on Tshirts for people on their tours for the weekend event. Hope you enjoy… Read more »


My sweet brother, Brian (and Karrie’s awesome husband!) turned 30 this past weekend. Karrie came up with THE cutest theme ever for his party! Ascots, Bowties and Cardigans – with the “requirement” that everyone attending wear one of those items. If any of you know my brother, you will know this theme fits him perfectly,… Read more »